Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter egg play

The Easter eggs have come out at our house (a week or 2 ago, I'm just slower in blogging about it).  I love the various ways activities that plastic Easter eggs can be used.  Here are a few things that we've tried out so far.

My first thought was a fine motor skill activity where Joel used Easter bunny tongs that I bought on clearance after Easter a few years ago for $.50!  
 They work much like scissors, except he got to pick up eggs and then place them in an egg carton (yes, I had a few of these that I'd saved to use for a theoretical project sometime).

Super cute boy having fun playing with the tongs and eggs.

I suggested to him to match the eggs as he placed them in the carton.  This added another element to our learning play.

We did some patterns.  I was thrilled because Joel was successful in completing the patterns I set up for him!


Yes, my silly boy likes to make it difficult for me to get a good picture of him.  He loves looking at all the silly ones.  He left his eyes open until he thought I was taking the picture.  Notice the blur... he was also shaking his head.  I won't post all the attempts at a picture of his wonderful smiling face.

Here is the winner though! :-)  I love him!

I also created shakers out of the Easter eggs for Joel to match sounds.  I found a set of 6 different items that would fit inside the eggs.  I then created pairs (in non matching colors which was a challenge for this girl who organizes everything by color!).  So, Joel had to shake each egg to determine which 2 eggs had the same thing inside (without opening it...which was tough for a 3 year old).  Once he thought he had all the sounds paired, he got to open the eggs and find out what was inside.  He discovered paper clips, pom poms, beads, jingle bells, bouncy balls, and larger beads.  

Here you can see that Kirstin has joined Joel as our "neighborhood watch".  Since we love this big picture window in our house and spend tons of time looking out it, we've also added Easter egg window clings to it (thanks to both of the kids' Grandmas!).  

Have a blessed Holy Week and Happy Easter.


  1. This totally impresses me. You have incredible ideas and obviously have a passion for (your kids... and) teaching. I will have to glean some of your early childhood skills in my future.

    The big teacher in me was grinning ear-to-ear reading about all of Joel's readiness.

  2. Thanks! I'm so glad that you enjoyed reading. I'm going to need your help when Joel's out of the EC age range. :-)