Friday, June 8, 2012

Raindrop, Plop

Just a few days after the sandbox was ready to be played in, we had a full day of rain.  Joel was so disappointed that he couldn't play in the sandbox.  However, we had fun another way.  While Kirstin was napping, I helped Joel get his raincoat and rain boots on to go play in the rain.  He had fun splashing in the puddles and getting wet.  However, it was a chilly day (in the 50s, even though it had been 100 just 2 days before).  

We've been reading Spring books, many of which are about rain or bugs.  While playing in the puddles we both thought about the book "Raindrop, Plop".  We went inside and made hot chocolate, just like the did in the book.  Joel requested "6 tiny marshmallows" in his hot chocolate.  I couldn't figure out why he wanted 6, until I remembered that the book is a counting book and that's how many they marshmallows are in the hot chocolate in the book.  Joel has a great memory! :-)

Special treat of drinking hot chocolate on the couch in the living room.

Raindrop, Plop! 

He was so cute because he knew this was something special.

All snuggled up. Can you see Scheppy poking his head out of the blanket?

He actually looked at the camera!

I just love that I'm able to be home with my kids to create fun moments and memories out of a seemingly disappointing day (rain, so no playing in the new sandbox).  
We had a fun "Raindrop, Plop!" day. 

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