Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sandbox bliss

Since my kids both have summer birthdays, I've been brainstorming gifts and parties.  Also, Joel loves to go to our neighbors' yard to play in their sandbox.  So, I researched sandboxes. 

Well, I found one that I liked.  The Naturally Playful Sandbox by Step2, which on their website sells for $119.99 plus $9.99 shipping.  The reviews suggest that this is a nice sandbox because it coordinates with yard decor, nice, but not essential to my sandbox needs.  However, it holds 200lbs of sand, has a lid (to keep all the neighborhood wildlife from using it as a bathroom), and will allow 2 kids to sit in the sand.

Now, I didn't want to pay that much for a container for sand, even if it was great and going to provide hours of entertainment for my kids.  So, I did some searching.  It was a little cheaper at for $76.  I called Toys R Us and they had it on sale for $69.99.  However, Toys R Us online had it on sale for Memorial Day weekend for $54.99, with free shipping to the store.  Then, I found a coupon code for $10 off that specific sandbox from Toys R US!  So, I paid $44.99 plus tax!!! :-)  (Ok, technically, my parents paid that because they got it for the kids for their birthday present, but still, I was excited for my deal!).  

The sand was also on sale at Home Depot for Memorial Day weekend!  :-)

Checking out the new (empty) sandbox.  We found a shady spot in our yard with a tree that hangs over top, so even as the sun moves throughout the day, the sandbox is in the shade.

My sweet girl!

Kirstin is helping Daddy to open the sand.  *Their matching white hats with UV protection were also purchased at Toys R Us on clearance for $1 each!

Serious concentration

Filling up the sandbox

The dump truck and monster truck fit!  They even fit with the lid on!! :-)

This sand stuff feels different.  Yes, she's tasted it a few times too and gets upset when she's removed from the sandbox after putting it in her mouth multiple times.

Dump truck was full

Another day and back in the sandbox...everyday for hours!! :-)

Oh, how we love the sandbox!  We've even figured out to put a large beach towel next to it so that Kirstin can sit with me outside the sandbox, but still play with it (this minimizes the amount of sand she eats!)

The neighbors have even come to our yard to check out the new sandbox.

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