Saturday, June 16, 2012

We're going on vacation...

This is what Joel proclaimed all through church prior to us leaving for our trip.  He knew we had the car packed and ready to leave from church.

Our first stop was St. Louis where we stayed with some friends.
They seriously were dressed identical when we arrived!  They also didn't really want me to take their picture (or post it to my blog). :-)

Next stop Meramec Caverns...
Kirstin and I bundled up as it's a little chilly in the cavern.

This is called the "wine table".  Our tour guide, Jason, was thrilled to share with us that there are only 2 formations like this in the world and this is the largest.  I personally think it looks like a malformed animal.

Our family inside the cave on vacation!
We wore both kids because it was an hour and 20 minute tour with no strollers allowed.  Joel thought it was pretty fun to be in the Ergo with Daddy.  Kirstin was content to be with Mommy!

More pictures and vacation fun to come in future posts...

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  1. I think we need to have another Euchre/Catan night so you can add more to your vacation blog :-) We were so glad we had the chance to spend time with you and the kids and we look forward to seeing you again!