Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Crazy winter weather

We've had a mild winter for Chicagoland this year!  For those of us that much prefer the winters in Florida and Texas that don't ever require gloves, scarf, hat, heavy coat, or boots, let alone all of those at the same time or else you might just freeze, this winter hasn't been too bad.  Jim declared it a "no complaining winter."  We do try to get outside as much as possible, regardless of the weather.  
Our "Sweet Peach" on the grass for the first time.  This was in early Feburary.

Her mitten came off.  She wasn't too sure about actually feeling the grass.

"What's this stuff in my hand and can I eat it?"

Two days later... taking Kirstin out in the snow for one of her first "playing" in the snow experiences.

Needless to say, her Daddy quickly (and enthusiastically) took her back inside out of the cold.

About two weeks later... really wet, icy snow

Kirstin stayed warm this day by hanging out with Jim.

We made big snowballs for a snowman, but couldn't successfully make the snowman due to technical difficulties and some laws of physics probably.

Fortunately, Joel was pretty happy about the snow chair.

We smoothed out the front so he could sort of slide down (with some help).

All of this snow was gone after just a few days and we've even been out without jackets a few times recently.  We are ready for Spring with daffodil buds appearing, but I wouldn't be surprised if we still got more snow before Spring really comes.

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  1. Kirstin in the grass vs. leaving the snow. Love the difference, she is not a cold weather fan :)