Thursday, March 22, 2012

On the move

I've been meaning to post some of these pictures for a little while, but here they are now! :-)  Our sweet little girl is on the move.
The first place she pulled up... her piano!  This was also Joel's favorite "climbing" toy at this age.

Sitting pretty on Valentine's Day (I told you this were a bit older of pictures).

Grinning at Momma

Climbing on empty boxes.  Various sizes boxes make a great baby jungle gym.

I can stand up.

Another common occurrence... she's down.  This occurs for 2 different reasons around here.  Reason #1 she loses her balance or gets tired and just topples over or Reason #2 (more common) big brother doesn't want her where she is anymore and he pushes her over.

Playing with Daddy, but oh wait... Kirstin sees Mommy and must get to me fast! (She is Momma's girl!!!)

Up close and personal as Kirstin climbs on me while I'm trying to take her picture.

Surpirse, she has something in her mouth.  EVERYTHING she gets in her hands goes straight into her mouth.

So sweet!!

Crawling through a tunnel with determination.

She thinks she is going to make it through to Mommy, so is almost smiling again.

Joel and Scheppy coming through the tunnel too.

Climbing through the dining room chairs.  You just have to love that sweet face and smile! :-)

Since this last picture at the end of February, Kirstin now pulls herself up onto anything she can reach: the couch, coffee table, dishwasher, Joel's big trucks.  She has also managed to climb up the stairs (trying to get to something she wanted to put into her mouth).  For her safety, I haven't grabbed my camera for all of her mobility and explorations.  

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