Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Windy Wednesday

I have several other posts planned, but thought I'd start with what we did today.  We have been spending much of our time at home because Kirstin has been napping for 2-3 hours at a time twice a day.  Today was a very windy day!  We could hear the wind.  We could see branches, leaves, trash, our downspout, and various other things being blown around outside.

Joel has a kite that he regularly asks if he can fly... in the snow, in the rain, in the backyard with a large tree that covers the entire yard.

Then, I got an idea... let's make a windsock!

 Joel was convinced when he saw the line up of supplies needed for this project: tape, stapler, scissors, hole puncher, yarn, crepe paper streamers, construction paper, and stickers.  Here's Joel decorating the body of the windsock with stickers (aka fine motor development, pre-writing skill).

Next cut enough crepe paper strips to line the bottom of the construction paper. 
(oh look, another skill is being practiced here)

Taping the streamers to the under side of the paper.

We needed 6 streamers for our windsock.  Joel is eager to use the stapler.

Roll the construction paper to form a cylinder and staple at both ends. Be careful not to staple a streamer. (I love the concentration on Joel's face.)

Using the hole puncher, punch 3 evenly spaced holes around the top (the opposite end of where the streamers are attached).  Joel was actually strong enough to do this himself (which he loved).

Cut 3 pieces of yarn and attach through the holes.  Then gather them all at the top and tie in a knot.  (Sorry the pic isn't rotated, I'll try to remember to do that better next time)

Check out that windsock in action!

Joel loved playing with his windsock that he made himself.

He wanted to do it while standing on the bench because he saw me do that to take his picture.

Exciting wind.

I love this one!  Joel's watching the trees and other things that are blowing around the yard.  I can see him processing what "wind" is and does.

After all the windsock fun was done, we went inside.  I found a couple books about a windy day (even though I couldn't find the one I was looking for that I know I have 2 copies of!).  We sat together and read books about wind.  

I love my job! Real learning happened today at our house; how about your's?. :-)  

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