Monday, May 14, 2012

Free Fun in the Big City

The kids and I have been busy taking advantage of activities and events around where we live.  A huge advantage of living in the suburbs of a big city (Chicago!!) is that there are always events going on and they are often FREE!  I love FREE!  I don't take advantage of all of the free events and activities that take place in the city, but I try to pay attention to those that Joel would enjoy.

Our little suburb had a "Motion Explosion" on May 4th.  The two things that caught my eye on the sign as I drove by were "Free" and "touch-a-truck".  Now, I had never heard of a "touch-a-truck" event before living here, but it is pretty self explanatory and amazing to my preschool boy!  This event took place just a few miles from our house, so it was an easy thing to go to.  Much to all of our liking, Jim took a break from work/homework early to join us (the close proximity is the only way that worked).
Joel loved the really tall front loader!  However, he was terrified to climb down, so I had to climb up and hand him down to Jim.  He gets his fear of heights from both of his parents.

I love this kid!

Daddy wearing his Peach.  They are driving the right side of the Street Sweeper.

Joel and I are driving the left side of the Street Sweeper.  Ok, so Joel is doing all the driving, I'm just sitting there because he was a bit scared after the front loader.

Joel's favorite... the garbage truck (that was actually running)!  This is the same kind that picks up in our neighborhood.  The garbage man in the right of the picture knows the guys who pick up at our house.  Joel waves to our garbage men every week!

There were a few other trucks and jump house things, but these were the highlights for our little guy!  This fun, free, and quick event was a great lead up to a rare family dinner out at a restaurant.  We went to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate Cuatro de Mayo (it was funny to us).

Let me know if you ever know of other free events that my family might enjoy!!


  1. I am so glad you were able to enjoy this event :) This looks like it was SO MUCH FUN!

    1. These events are fun. If we ever go when you aren't at work (you were this time), we'll be sure to let you know so you can come with us! :-)

    2. Yes! Always keep me posted and I will come when I can :)

  2. Cuatro de Mayo-- that IS funny! :-) Glad y'all had fun with the trucks :-)

  3. Great experience, huh? Not only you have seen trucks of different kinds, but you also got the chance to ride and explore it firsthand. I like the pictures of you and Joel on the street sweeper truck, by the way. If there’s an event like this in our neighborhood, I would love to go there with my family as well. :D

    Rudy Swanson