Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Another rainy day...

It's spring, so we've had several rainy days recently.  We are grateful that today was a sunny and warmer day, though!  With all of the rain, we've had to get creative with what to do with our need to move, which for a 3 almost 4-year-old boy means climb, jump, climb, climb, run, climb, oh and "Mommy, can I climb up you?"  Typically, this would be a great time to cue Daddy for some rough and tumble play (aka wrestling!), but Daddy is 2 (HUGE) papers and a presentation away from the end of his semester.

Since we had gone to the Dupage Children's Museum , where we have a membership (and love it!) on Monday, we were at home on Tuesday.  So, Tuesday (rainy day 3 in a row) we did a special Mother's day project in the morning.  This project was tons of fun and will get a post all of its own soon.  However, that left us with the afternoon with a Joel who did not nap (which is fairly common at this point) and needed to climb and be super active.  So here's what became of our "all the way downstairs" (we have a split level, so it's the lowest of the 3).

An Obstacle Course!!

Joel had to drive the Cozy Coupe Car to the slide, slide down, then crawl through the fort (blanket draped over the couch and coffee table), jump up and shoot hoops with 2 different size basket balls, crawl through the tunnel, then toss about 8 bean bags into a box, then run over to "Chair Chop" (a stuffed lamb chair) to sit down, put on his Buzz Lightyear hat, and play his trumpet!!  

Then, my creative child decided he needed to do it all again, but in reverse!  This worked really well, except the Buzz hat came off on the way back through the tunnel.  :-) 

Mission Accomplished!


  1. So clever and creative! What is your gross motor development tag? None of your post sounds gross ;)

    1. :-) Gross Motor vs. Fine Motor Development... Gross Motor is big muscle movement and coordination (legs) like running, jumping, walking, climbing, standing. Fine Motor is small muscle movement and coordination (hands) like writing, cutting with scissors, painting, using tweezers, anything else that uses the thumb and index finer to work together. Thanks for asking! Thanks also for the smile.