Monday, May 7, 2012

Mother's Day Project

Spoiler alert...if you are a mother, grandmother, great grandmother, or Godmother to me or my kids please don't read this post until after Mother's day.  I wouldn't want to ruin your surprises! :-)

Since Jim and I got married we decided as a family that we didn't want to purchase cards for any occasion.  We roughly calculated the $3-$4 that people had spent on engagement, bridal shower, and wedding cards could have added up to feed us for probably the first year of our marriage!  That was significant enough for us to choose to not spend that money.  However, we do love to acknowledge various occasions that would typically warrant the buying and giving of a card.  I also love to be creative and crafty, but mostly when it has a purpose and function (not just for something to do).  So, I make cards.  I enjoy personalizing the cards and using items that I have around the house (old magazines, ribbon, colored paper, sharpies, etc.).  Each card may not be Hallmark quality, but it has love and thought poured into it.  An added perk is that I take the opportunity to pray for the person I'm making the card for while creating it.

Now for the Mother's day cards.  This is one time of the year that I prioritize including the kids in the creating process as much as possible.  We talk about the special people that will receive the cards as gifts.  We often choose special features for the individual.  Joel knows most of their favorite colors so will try to pick their color for them. :-)

This year I wanted to include both Kirstin (10 months) and Joel (3.5 years) in making a card for each of the 7 matriarchs in their lives (other than their Momma!). So, I decided we would do butterflies.  Joel and I have been reading books about spring, which include lots of butterflies.  So this just made sense.

Now for the crazy part... (HINT: have supplies all ready and within reach before engaging the kiddos in the process!)

I stamped Kirstin's feet.  I chose red ink because that was the only ink pad that I had that was washable ink.

red piggies

Look how sweet her foot print is on all those pink papers!

Then the other foot... I tried my best to get them lined up for a symmetrical butterfly.

Baby wipes are the perfect tool to use to wipe off the cute little toes when they are done being artsy.

After Kirstin's little feet were all stamped, I went back and stamped my finger in the middle for the body of the butterfly.  I also used a sharpie to make eyes and antenna.

Joel's butterflies were different.

We put finger paints in a tray.  Joel put the paints on his hands.  Each time before putting his hands on the paper he pressed his hands together so the butterflies would be symmetrical.
We worked to have Joel's thumbs overlap to be the antenna.  This worked for some of them.  He wanted me to add eyes (and antenna to the ones that the thumbs didn't overlap right).

I love to see my kids' hands and feet printed!

Both butterflies flying together!

Here's one of the finished cards.  I added a message and signed the cards.  I tried to get Joel to sign them himself, but he was done with art and needed to play with trucks after making SEVEN cards!

Another one of the completed cards.

They were all unique and special!  We had so much fun making them.

We even had several outtakes during the process, I'll only share a few (Joel had taken the camera for a bit and took many more.)

Cute girl ready for whatever her Momma is going to do with all those fun looking supplies!

Colorful hands and happy boy!

Kirstin came to check out what her brother was doing.  He looked and sounded like he was having fun.

Yes, he put his paint covered hands on her face!  I cringed at the anticipation of this happening, but they both were laughing so much that I took a picture and wiped her off after.:-)

Happy Mother's Day to all our Moms, Grandmas, and the kids' Godmothers!  We love each of you so much and praise God for the special people that you are to us!

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  1. This is such a great idea! and Kristin is such a peach in the Bumbo :)