Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We're going to the zoo tomorrow...

Ok, so we actually went to the zoo last week, but I'm pretty sure the title of this post are lyrics to a song. At least it is now because I was singing it to Joel and Kirstin all day the day before we went to the zoo last week.  We went to the Brookfield Zoo.  Joel and I have actually been to it several times (maybe 6) since we've lived here and have not paid yet!  We typically go with friends that have a membership and can bring guests.  That's how we did it this time too!

Joel loves to look at pictures of things we've done, so posting zoo pictures here is a great way to show him later.

I always like the giraffes.  Such cool creatures.
I learned that they often see danger before other animals (in the wild) so they are often watched by the other animals as a warning system. 

Joel wanted to see the zebras.  Well, Brookfield zoo has a zebra (not zebras), but here he/she is.

Not sure if it's the best idea to let Joel climb on the fence, but there weren't signs saying not to (and he didn't fall).

Grizzly bear that was saying hi and smiling for cameras.

This peacock was playing peek-a-boo with Joel.

A different peacock that Joel was befriending.

Some female gorillas

Joel took this picture of the lioness (awake) and the lion (sleeping on the right).

My little monkey on the lion statue.

Joel took this picture of the wind chimes at the entrance/exit of the zoo.  He did a pretty good job! 


  1. Proud to be part of one of your free zoo trips. Have you ever been to Lincoln Park? Or Cosley? When I was a kid I was at Cosley in Wheaton once a week. I loved that place :)

    1. We went to Cosley Zoo once, but it was about 2 years ago. We need to go again. We've never been to Lincoln Park, but have intentions to go this summer. Email me if you know of any good parking deals near there. :-)