Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mother of Ring Bearer and Flower Girl

I debated about putting this all in one long post or breaking it up into several smaller ones...it's all in one long post...you've been warned. :-)

When it comes to weddings it seems like everybody has a title.  For Sam and Sarah's wedding on June 15, 2012, I had many titles: mother of ring bearer, mother of honorary flower girl, wife of organist, and sister-in-law of groom.  All of these titles led to a fun and busy wedding week! 

We arrived in Texas on Tuesday night.  We are so grateful that my brother and his family lives in the area.  We were blessed to stay with them, where each child and us could have wonderful sleeping accommodations for all the week's festivities!  (Thank you Uncle Tim and Aunt MeMe!!)

Wednesday evening, I hosted a bridal shower for Sarah.  My SIL, Melanie, was a wonderful co-host, opening up her house and cooking all day for people she mostly did not know.  We had great fun coordinating the shower around the wedding colors and nature inspired theme.  It also works that both of my SILs are veggie eaters (as in they don't eat animals!)

Here are all the ladies from my MIL's side of the family at the shower (and some of the yummy food!)

My lovely niece, Kelsie helped with hosting duties (we were at her house!), me, and my MIL, Kris

Then Thursday evening was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  

My amazing husband at the organ to play his baby brother's wedding.

Waiting for the rehearsal to start... Notice Joel wiping up the floor because he poured a water bottle on the floor.  This was his only mishap the whole weekend, which was amazing considering most events occurred post typical bedtime!

A cute, but tired flower girl and her momma!

Mom, Sarah, and Sam

Then Friday was the big day (or really night since the wedding started at 7:30 p.m.).
This was an attempt at a lovely family photo... there were many attempts.
My hair for the wedding.  Thank you, Kelsie!!
Just look at my kids... this is before we even left to go to the church.  At this point I was thinking, "Oh , this is going to be a LOOONG night!"

Our family with Jim's dad and his wife.
Sweet Peach playing with the flower petals in her basket while awaiting her turn down the aisle.


Boys and their Mom

The cutest Ring Bearer ever!!!

The most adorable honorary flower girl!!


My brother, Tim, and SIL, Melanie!  They had Joel using my camera as pre-wedding entertainment...so grateful for their help all week!

My nephew, Trevor, and niece, Kelsie...love them!

Jim at the organ!

Joel standing next to Uncle Ben (the best man)

Kirstin processing in (and being carried by me)

Kirstin during the ceremony
Sarah and Sam saying their vows
Joel recessing
Kirstin recessing... She clapped her hands and kicked her feet up and down the aisle! :-)
Marriott Family Picture

Would be a cute family picture, but Kirstin is hidden.

The wedding party!
 On to the reception...

The reception was at a very unique venue in the Nature Building of the Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas.  The exhibits were all open for us to explore during the reception, too!  This was great for Joel.

The cakes... My MIL made the red velvet groom's cake with the Alabama "A" on top.

The happily married couple... Congratulations Sarah and Sam!
Sarah with a bunch of the Albrecht family (MIL's side of family)

Kirstin and her Daddy partying... she was so tired, but didn't want to miss anything.
Our family dancing together

I'm with my BIL, Ben... he caught the garter!  Kelsie caught the bouquet.
What a fun time with two barefoot and tired kiddos!

Apparently, the fun continued for many hours into the night (morning), but we left so our sweet kids could go to bed.  They both fell asleep in the car before we were out of the parking lot!


  1. What a lovely event! I think the picture of your family where Kirstin is stretching out her headband and Joel is rubbing his eyes is HILARIOUS-- major props to you for managing two small ones late at night!
    And Kristi, you are looking absolutely AMAZING. I cannot believe you have two kids and look so good. What a beautiful momma!

    1. Thanks, Jenny! I was anxious about the kids with the late night, but they amazingly both did well.

  2. That dress on you is gorgeous! I definitely laughed at the first family picture attempt pre-wedding. And what a cool reception idea! I love that you guys had a chance to explore and somewhere to check out during breaks. Fun, fun!

  3. I would like a dress deal post! I loved the family photo pre-wedding but also post-wedding. The last photo of the post has to be my favorite :)

    1. I didn't get the awesome deal that you did on your dress, but we sure did work hard to eliminate a lot of options of dresses. Thanks for your help Alli!! :-)