Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fisshhhh, fisshhh

Our little peach has decided that watching fish in an aquarium is a fun activity.  Aunt MeMe and Uncle Tim have a small aquarium that Kirstin will point at and say "fsshh, fsssh".  Since there is an aquarium in the mall just a few miles from their house we thought that'd be a fun activity.

I started this post while on vacation, but gave up writing in order to relax play Euchre and Catan with Tim (my brother), Melanie (SIL), and Jim.  Now that I'm home from our wonderful three week vacation, it is time for me to blog about all of the fun.  I'll attempt to do it all justice, but we truly had an awesome time together as a family.

Here are a few pictures from Sea Life Aquarium.

Joel admiring a large hermit crab.

Kelsie and Joel are inside a bubble in the middle of this tank.  Joel was watching the fish and didn't know I was taking a picture.  I love how sweet and serious he gets when he is experiencing something for the first time.

My camera sometimes takes blurry pictures in the dark without flash (flash bothers the sea creatures so it was off).  However, I love Kirstin's little index finger pointing at the fish, while she is saying "fssshhh".

We all touched a sea star (and then washed our hands and used hand sanitizer).

Joel loves "mascots" as long as you call them a "mascot"...such a college football fan! :-)

Evidence of one of the many Catan games.

More posts to come about our other adventures...

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  1. That is a WAY cool photo of Joel in the bubble :)