Thursday, July 19, 2012

Peach Park

It doesn't take long being around our family (or reading the title of this blog) to realize that we have a little thing for ice cream.  On vacation, we often try to find new, interesting, unique, and amazingly yummy ice cream places and flavors.  This particular day was a lovely ice cream day.

We started the day in Loxley, Alabama where we went to a farm stand.  We had read in our ice cream book that this farm stand had homemade ice cream.  We thought that sounded like a lovely breakfast.  We were disappointed to find out it wasn't homemade, but decided to try some on top of homemade strawberry cobbler anyway.

Shortly, after lunch (and before kids were asleep for naps) we were driving down the road and saw a sign for Peach Park.  The billboard claimed that it was "1 of 51 top ice cream parlors in the country".  With that kind of a statistic how could we pass it up.  With my husband's wonderful vacation driving skills, we couldn't get off the interstate in time, so we drove 3 miles to the next exit turned around and drove the 3 miles back.  Jim doesn't just get off the interstate for any adventure.  In fact, I often have to plan the adventures and spend lots of time convincing him that it will be fun family time.  However, Peach Park (and the large picture of homemade ice cream) did not take any convincing.

Our Peach is certainly "Sweet as a Peach"
There were pictures of former princesses and queens from a local Peach Festival all around this shop.  There are some of the pictures on the left.  It was interesting to look at the pictures from random dates over the last 30ish years.

Now the good stuff... Peach Ice Cream!!!!  
I had Peach Cheesecake, Jim had Caramel Peach (with pecans), and the kids shared Peach (which happens to be one of Joel's favorite flavors anyway!)

Look at the size of the single scoop!  Kirstin is trying to grab my cone.  She, too, loves ice cream!

I now see why she was so sticky...Joel isn't even watching as he is feeding her.

I love this pic (good job, Jim!)

Kirstin is getting the "Tippy bite".  My grandparents' dog's name was Tippy.  Grandpa would often save the last bite of his ice cream cones to give to her.  So, we call the last bite the "Tippy bite".

The park had some fun things around for you to enjoy while enjoying your yummy ice cream.  They served "grill" type food too, but we just enjoyed the ice cream.

The giant peach!  Yes, Joel is contemplating how to "fly" down the raised area they were standing on for me to take their picture with the peach.

Peach Park was worth the time and distance out of our way on our long day of driving.

We ended that day with ice cream too, but I think that wasn't until we got to my cousin's house at the start of the Baughman family reunion...more to come about the last week of our vacation soon. 

Let me know if there are any wonderful ice cream places that we have to try (anywhere in the country...we travel for fabulous ice cream).

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  1. This looks like a wonderful little part of your getaway! Jim did a a great job capturing the memories, too :)