Friday, August 10, 2012

A Party for my Peach!

We celebrated Kirstin's first birthday with a party at our house.  We thought about all things Kirstin for her party, which lead us to a music theme.  Our little girl loves singing, playing instruments, and listening to music.  

We had Shakers for the kids to make by filling dried peas into toilet paper tubes with streamers attached.  They could decorate them with stickers too.

We also had pink drums for the kids to make.

Birthday Girl ready to party!

The following pictures show some of Kirstin's friends celebrating her first year of life!

Once many of Kirstin's friends were present and had made their instruments, we put them to use for a sing-a-long.  We sang some of Kirstin's favorite songs including, "The Butterfly Song", "Jesus loves me", and "If you're happy and you know it"!

The preschool teacher in me led the kids (and adults, which was different for me) in the motions for "The Butterfly Song"

Joel and I are doing the "If I were a crocodile..."

Kirstin loves "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands"!!

I made Kirstin a strawberry cake with strawberry filling and strawberry cream cheese frosting.  Joel thought I should put music notes on it, so I did.
Along with cake since Kirstin's nickname is "Peach", we had peach crisp.  Of course, we had a selection of ice cream (including Peach)!

Family Photo... Kirstin knows cake, crisp, and ice cream are coming so she would rather eat than have her picture taken.

The birthday girl likes cake!

Yes, she had 2 plates and like it all!

Kirstin's friends thought she could use some help opening her presents.  She was more interested in what the other kids were doing than the opening of presents anyway.

Two of Kirstin's future boyfriend possibilities!  They were having a "who can roll over first" competition. I love how their dads' hands are also positioned for the face off. 

After the party was over and everyone went home, Kirstin crawled downstairs and checked out her presents closer (and calmer).

We are so blessed everyday we are with our little girl.  We are also blessed that so many people love her and helped her to celebrate her first birthday.  

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