Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Kirstin's 1st Birthday

Our Sweet Peach turned ONE on June 29th!  I'm just slow in getting caught up on posting about it (sorry to all those family members who keep asking for pictures from her party...yes, Joel's will be coming soon, too.)

Kirstin's actual birthday we spent the whole day travelling home from our 3 week vacation.  However, we did find a cool ice cream parlor in West Layfette, Indiana to stop for birthday ice cream.  They even had little mini scoops that were her size.

Since we knew we would be in the car on her birthday, we celebrated with the Baughman family 2 days early.  It was extra special because we had celebrated Joel's 1st birthday with the extended Baughman family 3 years earlier.  We even made a cake that all 19 could eat, in other words it was free of dairy, soy, nuts, and chocolate!!  We purred Strawberries to make our frosting pink (and yum)!

The birthday girl with her big brother ready to help blow out the candle.

Cake in both hands!

Angel, my cousin's dog, strategically positioned at Kirstin's feet waiting for clean up.

The cake is gone, but the plate still has some stuck on it.

Joel is amused by the fact that Kirstin has cake on her head.

All done, so I'll make more of a mess.

Cake... everywhere. 

We celebrated Kirstin with our local friends (and Grandma Kris) on Sunday afternoon with a party at our house (for those keeping track, this was less than 48 hours after we returned home from our 3 week trip).

I just checked and I have lots of party pictures, so I'll write about the party in a separate post.  Kirstin Anne is such a joy and blessing to our family that I think it's ok to have 2 posts about her first birthday.  Sorry Aunt Whitney, you have to keep waiting for the party pictures. :-)

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  1. Ha! Love the photo of her eating the plate! Happy birthday Kirstin!