Sunday, August 12, 2012

Prayers on behalf of a friend

I typically write about fun things happening with our family, but something not fun has been really heavy on my heart and mind.  Dear friends of ours (Luke and Kerry) took their precious daughter, Rachel, to the doctor for her routine two-year-old checkup last Monday.  By Wednesday night they were checked into the hospital with an impending Leukemia diagnosis.  Thursday morning this little girl who was healthy just days before had her first surgery to start the long 3 year chemo process.

So far they are all still at the hospital.  Both sets of grandparents have come to be with them.  They are anticipating bringing this sweet girl with very weak immune system back home in the next few days.  They all have great faith in the healing power of God, but this is still so very tough.  

I ask that you please keep Rachel, Kerry, Luke, Josh (big brother), the doctors, hospital staff, and supporting family and friends all in your prayers.

I can't even begin to imagine what each member of this family is experiencing, but I do know that I've shed many tears for them already.  They are grateful for your prayers.

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