Saturday, August 4, 2012

Montreat Memories

The last week of our vacation also included 2 different days of visits with Whitney, Jock, and Addison.   Whitney has been my best friend since we were 10.  We've never lived in the same state, but where we live is the only thing that isn't close between us. 

This picture is really special because it's filled with special ladies in my life: My Mom, Grandma, daughter, "niece", and "sister"

Our Traditional Picture (with Brough niece #2)...we have taken a picture similar to this one almost every time we've been together over the last 21 years!  One day we'll make a book of them (if we can find them all, this predates digital people!)


At the end of the week, we headed over to Montreat!  Montreat is a Presbyterian college and conference center where my brother (Tim), Whitney, and I all attended summer youth conferences throughout high school.  Whit now lives about 10 minutes away.  This particular trip to Montreat was special as Tim and I shared it together and shared it with our families.

Montreat Rock Hopping with our families!!! One of those really special memories that is such a blessing to share with our kids and words can't do it justice.

Joel is hidden between Jim and Trevor, but he is in there.

Kelsie and Kirstin rock hopping, too!

Scoping out the next rock like a pro

Tim's family hiked Lookout Mountain after lunch.  However, the trails have changed since we last hiked many years ago.  The trail that used to take about 2 hours round trip was about 3 hours to the top.  Good thing we were on vacation and could be flexible with plans.
My parents, Jim, Joel, Kirstin, Whitney, and Addison went to the Huckleberry...yummy and inexpensive ice cream!  We would usually go on a daily basis while at Montreat.

Joel sharing his Huckleberry ice cream cone with Addison.

What a great 3 weeks our family had together on vacation.  We are already brainstorming how to pull that off again next year.

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